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Project Ideas

I've added Dave's graphic to the page to spice it up a bit, and to take advantage of the fact that we have it--I like Dejan's logo too, but having both up somewhere is nice. Thanks to you both!

Some more project ideas...

Doctor v2 (LDAP authentication with support for changing both pages in CVS and Subversion)

Tinderbox / Bonsai (Subversion support, tinderbox 2, etc.) [work with bear]

Questions about Project (Assignment 2)

I think we should have an area where students' questions and answers about assignment 2 can be posted.

- 00:08 Wed, Sept 27 06 Liz Chak (elichak)

Ok Liz. Want to link it to the Assignment 2 page please? (dave)

Can i add a project that hasnt been mentioned before?

I am interested in setting up an apt repository that will contain performance patched linux kernels, but I am open to other things, maybe even special or student builds of mozilla products. The goal would be to learn the basics of run a repository as well as learning how to create and maintain packages. If its ok, I will put a link on the project list. --John64 14:45, 4 October 2006 (EDT)

John, that's not my sense of what this is. I want this wiki to be the place where all the Mozilla-related activities live. Other open source stuff we're doing at Seneca should go somewhere, but I'm not sure this is where. Thoughts? (David.humphrey 15:21, 4 October 2006 (EDT))

Fair enough, just thought I would ask. I guess thats why they have discussion pages --John64 20:17, 4 October 2006 (EDT)

Note: this wiki has evolved into a place where all our Open Source work is concentrated :-) --User:Chris Tyler 13 September 2008