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This page may be obsolete.
It contains historical information.

SceneCreator Dev Links:


SceneCreator Features:


  • display 3d object, walls, and lights in a 2d scene
  • create wall
  • insert lights
  • new scene(delete all)
  • walls and lights can be selected
  • delete selected
  • move selected


  • add item to scene from the side bar
  • item selection
  • once an item is selected a user can (using the button above the scene):
    • delete
    • rotate
    • move up/down
    • scale
    • copy
    • move to position of the mouse
  • camera widget
  • 5 independent cameras
  • Collision detection
  • Collision handling

Google Warehouse

  • view the Google 3D Warehouse website inside the browser
  • back and forward functionality

Object Properties

  • Model: Collada Object
  • Type: Wall, floor, ceiling, object
  • SnapTo: Hang on wall or ceiling. Sit on floor or object
  • Stand: Allow objects to sit on object
  • ObjectOnTop: Reference to object siting on it
  • ObjectOnBottom: Reference to object it is sitting on
  • Picture: Picture of the object
  • Description: Description of the object


  • Move Widget: moves the object in world co-ordinates
  • Scale Widget: scales the object in object co-ordinates
  • Rotate Widget: rotates the object in world co-ordinates



  • Left click = select
  • Right click = none
  • Scroll Wheel = zoom in/out or move camera up/down


  • W/UP arrow = move camera forward
  • A/Left arrow = move camera left
  • S/Down arrow move camera backward
  • D/Right arrow = move camera right
  • Q = toggle rotate camera to mouse
  • E = toggle scroll wheel controlling camera height or zoom
  • Delete = delete selected object
  • Hold Shift and press P = Screen Shot