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Welcome to CDOT
The Seneca Centre for Development of Open Technology

Courses: BTC640 · BTH740 · BTP300 · DPI908 · DPS901 · DPS905 · DPS909 · DPS911 · DPS914 · DPS915 · DPS924 · DPS931 · ECL500 · GAM531 · GAM666  · GAM670 · GPU610 · OOP344 · MAP524 · OPS235 · OPS335 · OPS435 · OPS535 · OPS635 · OSD600 · OSD700 · SBR600 · SEC520 · SPO600 · Real World Mozilla · LUX Program · EAC234 · ULI101 · Clubs: Linux Android Club
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About CDOT

Seneca’s Centre for Development of Open Technology (CDOT) provides a physical and virtual environment for the development and research of open source software through collaboration with Seneca, the open source community, business, and other institutions. The centre is an integration point for knowledge, education, and relationships within the open source world.

The Centre's virtual presence starts here, and includes IRC and our blog planet.

CDOT's physical space is located on the first floor of the TEL building.

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