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The LUX Program is currently suspended.
This program is not presently offered due to low enrollment numbers.

Linux/Unix System Administration (LUX) - 1 Year Graduate Certificate

Accelerate your career prospects in professional system administration as a participant in one of the world's top open source communities. This intensive eight-month, two semester program involves the comprehensive study of advanced Linux technologies while working on projects within the Fedora community and collaborating directly with Fedora contributors from around the world.

Linux is a hot technology in the computing industry. It is being used in systems ranging from cell phones to supercomputers and is supported by all of the top computer vendors. Total annual Linux-related sales are in the billions of dollars.

Graduates of this program are well prepared for positions in this interesting and fast-moving industry sector. They are equipped to select, configure, deploy, and support Linux-based networks, server and desktop systems, and supercomputing clusters; integrate Linux, Unix, and Windows systems into seamless networks; and create and use scripts and custom tools to manage administration tasks.

There are ten courses in this program. Half of each course is spent gaining practical, hands-on experience with Linux systems in our fully-equipped Linux lab. A co-op option is also available so that students can gain valuable job experience.

For those interesting in taking the LUX program, the program description and a flyer (PDF) are available.


The current LUX participants are listed in Fall 2008 LUX Participants.


LUX students communicate using the tools created and embraced by open source communities, including wikis, planets, and IRC channels. For information on using these tools, see LUX Communication.

Major Project

LUX students will work on a major project within the Fedora community. For details, see LUX Project.


The LUX program uses these two rooms:

  • SEQ building room S2149 for lectures.
  • TEL building room T2107 for labs. These systems are equipped with data recovery cards, which allow one of several virtual disk drives to be selected at boot time. When the machine is restarted, the original drive image can be restored almost instantly. This enables you to install software or change the system configuration without permanently affecting the system configuration.

In addition, LUX students have access to the CDOT Development Systems on the first floor of the TEL building for their project work (access cards will be issued to each LUX student).

Semester 1 Courses

This provide flexibility in scheduling to accommodate your learning style, employment schedule, and personal equipment availability.

Grading for LUX Semester 1 courses -- Faculty are required to grade/evaluate each student in LUX. This page displays the schedule, evaluation type, and evaluation value for each of the 5 first semester courses.

Semester 2 Courses

Schedule for LUX courses -- This is a full-time program with a schedule designed for flexibility. Note that attendance at the lectures is required (2 mornings per week). You may choose to attend:

  • Two mornings per week, performing labs and assignments/projects at home.
  • Two days per week, performing labs during the lab periods and assignments/projects at home.
  • Three to five days per week, performing labs during the lab periods and working on the assignments/projects at the college.

Grading for LUX Semester 2 courses