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GAM670/DPS905 -- Game Programming Techniques/3D Game Programming Techniques

  • This course continues the study of game programming techniques begun in the introductory course. Topics covered include modeling, texturing and lighting techniques, force feedback, and shader programming
  • The course is supported by an open instructional software framework. Students refactor select aspects of the framework to augment the base code for all members of the class.

Subject Description and Course Outcomes

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Project Work

Project work for this course in in two parts. Each student contributes some upgrade to the framework and presents the upgrade to the rest of the class. Students working in teams incorporate their own upgrades into their own game and incorporate another team's upgrade into their own game. Each student presents the results of their research project to the class and each team presents their final game to the class. Details are on the Project Requirements page.


  • Feature - Individual Assignment 30%
  • Game - Group Assignment 20%
  • Test 20%
  • Exam 30%

Final Submission Requirements


Examples and In-Class Notes


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