GAM531/DPS931 Project Requirements 20167

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Game Engine Foundations

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Due Dates

Form groups, add group name to wiki Friday September 2016
Create Wiki for your group, include task allocation for each member Friday 2016
Choose enhancement and clear with professor Friday October 2016
Submit Proposal/Research Document Friday October 2016
Submit Project (completed engine + enhancement) Sunday December 2016

Project Requirements

Potential Enhancements

Each group must do a different enhancement, please put your name beside an enhancement if you'd like to claim it.

  • View Frustum Culling
  • Scene Object Ordering
  • Stock Geometry Creation
  • Planar Collision Detection
  • Spherical Collision Detection
  • Scene Persistence
  • Binary resource storage and loading
  • Anti-aliasing
  • AI Pathing System
  • Terrain Generation
  • Box Collision
  • Binary Resource Format (2/3) and LOD Calculator (1/3)

(More will be added)