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This page may be obsolete.
It contains historical information.

This page outlines the procedure for borrowing equipment from CDOT's Mobile Lab.


  • Equipment is available for capstone project and applied research only, with an identified external partner (business/organization).
  • Up to 2 pieces of equipment may be signed out per project.
  • Equipment can only be signed out by faculty. Faculty will confirm equipment return as a condition of course completion.
  • Equipment is available on a 1-month, renewable loan.
  • CDOT applied research takes precedence for equipment use.
  • No cellular account is provided (e.g., sim card). Devices may be used with other connectivity (e.g., WiFi) or the users may supply a SIM card, where applicable.
  • Policy exceptions will be considered with written justification.

Signout Procedure

  1. Faculty member sends an email to with this information:
    • Project title
    • Student(s) involved
    • Equipment requested
    • Course code (if applicable)
    • Plan for resetting equipment state to original condition (software, accounts, data, pairing)
    • External partner
  2. The CDOT receptionist will respond with:
    • Equipment availability (available/already signed out)
    • Proposed pickup date/time (according to her/his schedule)
  3. Faculty will meet with the CDOT receptionist at the agreed-upon time to pick up equipment. A due date will be assigned.
  4. Faculty will return equipment on or before due date, or show up in person to renew the loan.