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***ATTENTION!!! This page is in the process of being updated and moved to here. Do not rely on this page for up-to-date or recent information regarding BigBlueButton, or recent Seneca projects involving it!!***

What is BigBlueButton (BBB) ?

BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing system developed primarily for distance education.

The BigBlueButton name comes from the initial concept that starting a web conference should be as simple as pressing a metaphorical big blue button.

A team from Seneca CDOT is currently developing BBB along with volunteers and enthusiasts around the world to create an unique, powerful and efficient online class management system.

CDOT BigBlueButton News

BBB Weekly Log

CDOT BBB Development Server News

For New Developers: Getting started on BBB

Check out BBB Developer guide here:

Check out Aliases you should edit to your Ubuntu Dev Environment:

Installing BBB v0.81 on Ubuntu 10.04

CDOT BigBlueButton Contributors


Current Roster
Name Role Blog Email IRC
Fardad Soleimanloo Supervisor
Fardad's Corner fardad @ #seneca @ freenode
Chad Pilkey Developer Blog
capilkey @ #seneca @ freenode
Danny Perrone Developer
Oleksandr Zhurbenko Developer
Maxim Khlobystov Developer
Stanislav Yeshchenko Developer Blog
Gary (Xinggui) Deng Developer Blog
Xgd @ #seneca @ freenode
Adam Sharpe Developer
Inactive Roster
Anatoly Spektor Developer Blog aspektors @ #seneca @ freenode
Bo Li Developer Blog
Work Log
Kelan @ #seneca @ freenode
Justin Robinson Developer Blog
justinrobinson @ #seneca @ freenode
Robert Stanica Developer Blog
CptnKrunch @ #seneca @ freenode
Ystallonne Alves Developer Blog
Dale Karp Developer Blog
daleee @ #seneca @ freenode

CDOT BigBlueButton Collaboration

Iteration 5 - BigBlueButton Mobile Client

CDOT BigBlueButton team is working on building an BigBlueButton Air Client which allow user to join BigBlueButton meeting via mobile devices.

GitHub repo:
Useful resources:

Iteration 4 - Integration of Web Gateway with Blackboard

CDOT will be working on building an api that a web application such as Blackboard can use to interact with a BigBlueButton server.


Netbeans Setup (for Prototype): BBB Integration Netbeans

Eclipse Development Environment Setup: BBB Integration Eclipse


Use Cases

BBB Seneca Integration Use Cases Site Map

Iteration 3 - Increasing Accessibility

CDOT will be working on improving accessibility in BigBlueButton, and is currently investigating solutions such as screen-readers for people with visual impairments.
The focus so far is to make BigBlueButton client accessible by itself and to make BigBlueButton client compatible with outside accessibility software.

For details of project status, check Big Blue Button Accessibility page.

For a detailed breakdown of all the parts finished or currently being worked on, check Big Blue Button Accessibility Tasks page.

Iteration 2 - HTML5 Client

With iOS devices dropping Flash support, and HTML5 rising to possibly replace Flash on the web, we are looking into adapting BigBlueButton to an HTML5 and JavaScript application. The first step in this is to develop an HTML5 client that can participate in an existing meeting (where the presenter is using the Flash client) at the most basic level.

BigBlueButton HTML5 Client

Connecting WebRTC to BigBlueButton

Iteration 1 - Polling Module

As a first step in collaboration , CDOT and BBB agreed on creating a polling system. Please look at the link below to see how the Polling Module will be integrated into BigBlueButton.

Polling Module Map (Presenter Flow)

Work Plan

How To install Polling Module development environment

Bug List

Gateway bug list

Polling Module Instructions

Note From Anatoly

Help Needed

In order to release our final product for the polling module we need to have localizations of our strings. If you want to contribute to our localization project it is set up here. There are only 42 strings to translate.

Seneca BigBlueButton Web Gateway

Seneca BigBlueButton web gateway

Seneca BBB Web Gateway Help

Useful Links

Source Code Repositories

GitHub Help


Redis Database Documentation

Red5 server Documentation